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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


Bi-Coloured Corrundum


Name/Gem: Bi Coloured Corundum
Nickname(s): Cor, Little One,
Weapon: A boomerang
Gender Pronouns: Feminine
Romantic Orientation: Poly
Gem Placement: underside of her chin
History/Backstory: Origianaly she worked under white diamond along with her sapphires, however she was stronger than the others. She was placed upon a pedestal and given a body guard and a pearl to take care of her. However she slowely fel in love with her body guard and broke one of the laws, never fuse with anyone other than another sapphire, and even then only in life or death situations. After a couple hundred years they were found out and her bodyguard shattered. Stealing the shards she took her pearl and fled, never looking back.

- adventurous
- caring
- curious
- cooperative
- funny
- excitable
- friendly
- fair
- cheerful
- helpful
- gentle
- pleasant
- perfectionist
- imaginative
- calm
- clever
- polite
- quiet
- curious
- empathetic
- loyal
- smart
- friendly
- wise
- patient
- helpful
- generous
- pleasant
- neat
- perfectionist
- creative
- easily impressed

- bewildered
- mysterious
- shy
- lazy
- unlucky
- doubtful
- forgetful
- nervous
- insecure
- clumsy
- ignorant
- rebellious
- narcissistic/vein
- absent minded
- forgetful
- messy
- clumsy

Special skill/power(?): levitation, Precognitive Artistry


Ranking : High ranking aristocrat
Origin : Homeworld
Alliance : None
War status : Made after
Thoughts on Steven : None
Current Residence :Wandering


Who do they get along with the best:
Who do they get along with badly:
Likes: The stars, wind, Flying
Dislikes: Water, 
Romantic Interests(?): Clear Quartz ( Past)
Did they know Rose Quartz?: nope
Opinions on Eating: hasnt heard of it


Fusion Standing (Open to it, opposed to it, disgusted etc):
Fusions and Partners: Opalglass with Clear Quartz
Fusion Dance Style: Belly
Favorite Gem to fuse with: Clear Quartz
Permafusion: No
Why do they Fuse?: Love and fun
Regular Fuser? Or not that often?: As often as she can

- will cut you
- Smoll fluff ball
- Loves to cuddle
Template - 
Steven Universe Gem OC Bio Template

Gem: Indicolite

Gem Type: Tourmaline

Nickname: Indie, Blue


Job: (Only if you are staff member)

Alliance: None

Height: About 4'3 without limb enhancers, About 7'3 with Limb enhancers

Gem Location: Left shoulder

Weapon: A long ribbon like whip

Special abilities: Hydrokinesis ( think avatar the last airbender )

Extra: Fusion dance style is Ribbon dance

Character Theme(s):……


Name: Wulfenite
Nicknames: Wulfy

Gem type: Sheelite

Gem Location: On his right palm
Height: Bismuths height

Weapon: Knuckle Knife
Rank: Soldier

Job: A guard
Special abilities: No special abilities

Personality: A true gentleman, He dosent talk much and is strangely soft spoken. 
Made on homeworld

Fun facts:
- Theme song -…



Stella Meisel
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Im just starting out and any tips are welcome. Feel free to say hi anytime im always open to meeting new people.


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